Atelier Charlie celebrates modern men. We offer a fresh, honest and intelligent clothing collection that allows men to fully express themselves. The name Charlie originates from the Germanic word for ‘free man’. By offering instant classics, made from meticulously sourced and specially developed materials with surprising detail and colour, Atelier Charlie sets its wearer free to tell his own distinctive story. We want to go back to the core of clothing. Fifteen items in different colours and fabrics, produced in Italy and Portugal, form the basis of the collection. Designed to be effortlessly combined, each piece will feel and wear soft like your favourite pyjamas, but will make you look well dressed.

My name is Lotte and I am the founder and designer of Atelier Charlie. After finishing my studies at ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem, the Netherlands, I gained work experience in different companies in Paris, France and in the Netherlands. A never-ending interest in clothes and the way people dress, a passion for design, textiles and colours, together with a big support from my inspiring friends and family, made me start working on this brand.