Atelier Charlie @ Dutch Design Week 2018

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Come and visit Atelier Charlie at Piet Hein Eek during the Dutch Design Week!

Blue color meets white collar: The redesign of the French worker suit.
Over-consumerism and overproduction are a disaster; you just need one good suit.

This project is a rigorous exercise in restraint, precision, and ease. Inspired by the clean lines of the ‘Bleu de Travail’, the French worker suit from the late 1800s, using good fabric and a well-thought construction, I want to propose the perfect suit for modern everyday life. Let’s honor the past and adapt to the future.

The worker of the future is something else than the one wearing the old worker suit. He is digital, commuting around the world, switching between formal and informal. He needs clothes that suit his personal circumstances. On the way to work, at home with your family, or on a date, this suit had you covered. Simple, distinctive and hardwearing, flexible and versatile, so you can wear it every day, the suit is simple and relaxed with functional details, to free up your hands and ease your movements, regardless where you may find yourself. I offer the chance to fit and experience your new favorite suit